Yassine Alaoui Ismaili, also know as Yoriyas is a Casablanca-based photographer and Performer. His work has been featured in The New York Times, The National Geographic, Vogue, The guardian, The Washington Post. He has been exhibited across the world, including HERMÈS Foundation Paris, History Miami Museum, Festival Contemporary Art Basel,  1-54 African art Fair x Hassan Hajjaj Marrakech.

He started playing chess when he was five years old, leading him to fall in love with mathematics. By the age of 16, the influence of hip-hop changed him completely. He became a Break-dancer. While traveling around the world as a professional dancer for competitions a serious knee injury stop him from dancing and Photography became his new way of expressing himself. “I just took my small camera, walked into the streets of Casablanca documenting the street life of my city without having any ideas what i will do with the pictures.
The original blend of his North African heritage, chess and his love for dance lead him to one-of-a-kind methods of self-expression through photography.

Yoriyas won the CAP Prize 2018 (the 7th Contemporary African Photography Prize 2018),
IMA Award for Contemporary Arab Creation, Les nuits photographique Essaouira 2016 and World Street Photography Hamburg 2015,

-The New York Times 2018
-Vougue Magazine 2018
-National Geographic 2018
-The Guardian Uk 2018
-The Washington Post 2018
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Awards & grant
-2018  Winner Of the IMA Award for Contemporary Arab Creation
-2018  Winner of CAP Prize 2018 (the 7th Contemporary African Photography Prize 2018)
-2018  Top 12 art of the year The Elephant Art Magazine
-2017  Finalist Miami Street Photography festival  Here
-2017  New York Times Portfolio Review.  Here
-2016  Finalist LensCulture Street Photography Awards  Here
-2016  First prize in Les nuits photographique Essaouira Here
-2016  prize of Mediterranean photography festival France Here
-2016  First prize in world street photography 2016 Hamburg   Here
-2016  Finalist of Minimalism in Street Photography APF , Here
-2015  Editor creative note  at National Geo  2015 , Here

2018  Exhibition at Fondation d’entreprise Hermès, Paris France
2018  Solo show and performance at Presence photographie Myesse France
2018  Solo at 1-54 African art fair Riad Yima of Hassan Hajjaj
2018  Solo show and performance at l’Institut français – Casablanca
2018  Moussem Cities Leading casa Brussels Belgium
2017  History miami Museum group exhibition Miami USA
2017  Solo show and performance at Presence photographie Montèlimar France
2017  Group exhibition, The Arab Street Dubai
2017  Vente aux enchères, Art Contemporain Marocain Marrakech
2017  Solo show and performance at Institut Francais Essaouira Morocco
2016  Serendipity Arts Festival Goa 2016 Panaji India
2016  Ghaya Gallery sidi bou said Tunis
2016  Rupture CMOOA Gallery Marrakech
2016  Gutberg-nerger gallery Humburg Germany
2016  Offrint Photolondon festival london
2016  PhotoIreland festival Ireland,Dublin
2016  Mediterranean photography festival France
2015  Universal exposition Milan Italy

-Hermès Foundation Paris
-Institut du monde arabe
-FIFA Zurich
-Foundation Touria et Abdelaziz Tazi Casablanca
-Mi Casa Hassan Hajjaj Marrakech


2017  L’Afrique en Capitale, Rabat Morocco
2015  Dance & photography Montel Video, Marseille/France
2015  Urban Art and Media Exchange Cologne Germany