Yoriyas Yassine Alaoui, also known as Yoriyas, is a Casablanca-based photographer and performer artist. He started playing chess at five years old, leading him to fall in love with mathematics. By the age of 16, the influence of Hip Hop culture paved a new path in his life, leading him to become a break-dancer.
In 2013, while traveling the world as a competing professional dancer, a serious knee injury halted his dance career. This sparked a new artistic transformation: photography as a means of self-expression.
The unique blend of his North-African heritage, mathematics, strategy of chess, and his love for dance led him to one-of-a-kind methods of experimentation through photography.

Yoriyas’s work is often an intuitively-based observation of urban/public space, and a documenting daily life and change in Morocco and Africa. His images have been featured in The New York Times, National Geographic, The Guardian, Washington Post.He has received several awards, including the award Les Amis de l’Institut du Monde Arabe for Contemporary Arab Creation 2019 and The 7th Contemporary African Photography at Photo Basel.He has been exhibited across the world, including in the HERMÈS Foundation in Paris, 836m Gallery San Francisco 2020. The HistoryMiami Museum. In 2020, he curated Sourtna, the inaugural exhibition of Morocco’s first National Museum of Photography.